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Custom memorial and cremation jewelry is a great way to hold your loved one close to you at all times.

These are the instructions for ash, flower, and hair jewelry. You only need to send one of these items, unless you ordered items to be made with multiple mediums.

Please ship in a zip lock bag inside of a well sealed padded envelope to: 

Jessica Dennis Designs 
4607 Del Mason Rd 
Bellaire, MI 49615

***You are responsible for tracking your package so you know when it arrives to me. Please purchase tracking for your package so you can keep up with it's journey. I cannot always answer questions regarding arrival, as my priority is getting your orders done in a timely manner. Please DO NOT require a signature unless you are shipping internationally. Doing so may result in your package being returned to you if you are not shipping internationally***

Q: How much should I send?
A: Ashes- 1/8 TEASPOON* of ashes is enough for up to 5 rings or 3 necklaces. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MORE THAN 1/8 TEASPOON. 

*If you fail to put enough postage on ashes when shipping them to me, you will be required to pay the overdue postage before I can get the package from my post office. Please only send 1/8 teaspoon of ashes. 

A: Hair- A 1 inch by 1 inch piece of hair is enough. If you don't have that much, send what you have. Any unused hair (if any) will be sent back with your order. 

A:Flower petals: A 1" petal is enough for 1 necklace or ring, however you may choose to send multiple petals if you would like the colors mixed or the petals are small. More is always better but I understand if you only have a small amount. FLOWERS MUST BE DRIED BEFORE YOU SHIP THEM TO ME. Wet flower petals tend to mold, brown, and turn into mush in transit to me. Any unused flower petals will be sent back with your order.



Please contact Jessica at: https://www.facebook.com/jessicadennisdesigns/ if you have any questions!

About Us

  Contact: https://www.facebook.com/jessicadennisdesigns/

Jessica Dennis Designs is a home based jewelry business. It all started when my sister was expecting my second nephew. I wanted to buy her a special gift to represent her two beautiful children. While surfing the net, I stumbled upon hand stamped jewelry. It was so beautiful, personal, and unfortunately...expensive. I ended up stumbling upon tools upon tools and blogs and such that led me to this wonderful adventure of hand stamping.

I began my "cremation jewelry journey" in 2017 after my 7 year old son, Payton, died from DIPG brain cancer. Since then I have been making cremation pieces for others as part of my healing. I fully understand how hard it is to entrust someone else with your loved one's remains and take very good care of them while they are in my studio.   

   Crafting is in my blood, since I was a small girl mom had me loving and appreciating hand making and hand made items. Many crafts have come through my fingers, ranging from painting canvases, to refinishing old furniture, making jewelry of all types, and now my absolute favorite- Hand Stamping and Cremation jewelry. I found a passion that I never knew was there and I hope you can see that in my work and find something you love. 

   Any item you see can be customized in any way you can imagine. Hand stamping is done one letter at a time, one hammer strike at a time.  

If you would like to follow me on Etsy: jessicadennisdesigns.etsy.com

Instagram: jessica_dennis_designs

Facebook: Facebook.com/jessicadennisdesigns

Shipping instructions for ashes, hair, & flower petals: https://jessica-dennis-designs.myshopify.com/pages/shipping-instructions-for-ashes-hair-flower-petals

Please keep in mind cancellations must be made within 48 hours of your purchase, due to the handmade nature.