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OhMaGosh! I have discovered that I LOVE pewter. I have always offered aluminum because it is hypoallergenic and never tarnishes and I use a lot of copper and NuGold in my work but I was missing out...until now! Pewter is a wonderful alternative to sterling silver. I can still offer great prices while giving my customers an amazing piece of jewelry with some weight to it, which makes it feel and look expensive. The pewter I have added to the site is all organic and nickel free. I am very excited to offer this to you all and I hope...

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Jessica Dennis

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Jessica Dennis, the creator and owner of Jessica Dennis Designs was born in Lapeer, Michigan, with crafting in her blood. She is the mother of 4 amazing children, some of which love to help her create, ship, and design. Jessica has been making things for as long as she can remember. Hand stamped jewelry was a challenge for her to start, but once she caught on to it, she fell in love with the stamping world! Oh...What am I doing? I cannot write this in third person! I am Jessica, and I have been beyond blessed in my life with...